minoo emami

A letter in my hand
Since 2015
Since 2013 I have been collecting letters from the people of Kurdistan Iraq, Iran, Canada, and the US. “A Letter in My Hand” is a collection of letters I have amassed who have either experienced the tangible effects of war or are sufficiently courageous to write about their memories, emotions, and ideas, as well as letters from others to them. The collection is in four languages: Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish, and English. My goal with this project is to connect people and elevate the enduring spirit of those who lie behind the stories of my art, proving yet that art can indeed transcend this world – in this case the wounds and weariness of war -- and aspire to something higher. Add your letter. I am inviting you to participate by drawing your hand’s outline on the paper and writing a letter in it for someone who has a remnant of war and conflict in their lives. Your message can be a single word, a sentence, a poem or more. Write for them, I’ll translate texts and will share them on my website. Email a black and white image (high quality) to [email protected]. I will add your voice to our collective ant-war message.