minoo emami

2003 - 2019
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This series of photography title is Hav'a, which means Eve in my mother language, Farsi. Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and tasted the "knowledge" of being a woman. Looking from a broader perspective as an Iranian woman, I believe we are still paying "the first sin." In my country, Iran, many laws, including compulsive hijab, control of women's bodies, and nude portraits, are prohibited in art. My photos resonate with the natural beauty of a woman's body, her fight for emerging, her emotional or physical challenges, and her existential journey. The first series of photographs, #74 (2019), shows a woman dancing behind whip marks. By law, 74 is the number of lashes(whips) sentence for women with lousy hijab or no hijab in public in Iran. The woman is dancing on the 74 whip marks to symbolize her resilience. In the second series of my photography, Suspended in Gray (2003) and Suspended in Blue (2019), a stretched fabric covers a female body yet, cannot latent her natural beauty.
Whip #8 21_x29_.
Whip #7, 21_x29_
به جای اونیکه هست.jpg
Whip #2 40_x28_
Whip #3 40_x28_
Whip #6 29_x21_
Suspended in Blue #1 36_x24_ Archival digital print on silk paper mounted on aluminum
Suspended in Blue #3 36_x24_
Suspended in Blue #4 36_x24_
Suspended in Blue #2 36_x24_
Suspended in Blue #4
Suspended in Blue #5 36_x24_
Color Pencil Drawing.jpg
1- 43x28 color pencil on paper copy.jpg
color pencil- figurative11
color pencil- figurative18
color pencil- figurative8
color pencil- figurative10